Situated on Church Road, your main contact at Appletree will be Carmen, who has was born and spent most of her life on the main island of St Mary’s. With a wealth of knowledge to be able to pass on to guests or to answer questions posed by guests – hopefully enhancing your holiday.

Carmen and Todd run the accommodation business at Appletree which is close to coastal walks/shops/airport/quay. Carmen loves wild flowers and wild sea swimming so can advise on the best places to swim at varing state of tides and help with identifying your photos of wild flowers.

Todd her husband is an addicted scuba diver. All around Appletree and in the house is an array of artifacts found in a lifetime of scuba diving and searching for new wrecks around the islands. These will keep you intrigued. As a ship wreck historian, Todd can also identify any finds you may find whilst beach combing. 

Penninis Inner Head

Close by is this lovely coastal walk around (or along) Penninis and its headland with amazing views and a lighthouse. I never get bored of this walk and its changing colours.


Rachabite slip

Take a short stroll from Appletree to sit and look at this wonderful view from Rachabite Slip and meet its committee too if you time it right. (5 minute walk from Appletree)